‘Moffle’@Milk Cafe, Harajuku 2008-06-29

A magazine I saw at the lab features a waffle-like dessert made of rice cake, Moffle, which has became popular recently among young people. One of the pictures on the page attracted me so much, and today I rushed to the cafe where the food is served, Milk Cafe, Harajuku.

The taste was, being slightly different from what I expected, rather plain (not so sweet itself). Putting that aside, I liked it. The picture shows a menu I orderd,  ‘Moffle’ topped with caramel sauce and ice cream.

I feel the cafe and its atmosphere are definitely for young people who are of the new school and interested in fashion. Actually it is operated by those people, and I hear that a part of them are also working as  fashion models.

金曜日に雑誌で写真をみて「これは食べてみないと」と強くひかれて、早々に行ってきた。原宿のMilk Cafeというお店の「モッフル」。おもちをワッフルメーカーで焼いたもの。その雑誌によれば、最近流行りらしい。


Milk Cafe [6-13-7,  Jingu Mae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo]

4 minutes from 5th exit of Meiji Jingu Mae Station of Chiyoda subway line

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