Wandering New Subway 2008-06-14

A new subway, Line ‘F’ or the 13th subway, service started servicing between Ikebukuro and Shibuya. After enjoying bowling no less than twenty-five games at Ikebukuro, I tried the subway. The picture shows Shinjuku-3chome station’s brilliant interiors.


A foreign student who is staying in our lab said that he also tried this subway at the same day. Surely, the train was so crowded.


I got out a train at Kita-sandoh station which is also newly opened for Fukutoshin line. It was a clear day, so I had a walk toward south to Harajuku and Shibuya. The picutre above was taken in mid-course to Harajuku. Old and new houses co-exist fairly densely.


The embassy of Turkey showed nice pictures of Turkish sceneries in its exterior wall. Since I had been planning to visit the country in this summer or autumn, the beautiful picture above evoked my interest so much. However will it be possible for me to take off in the season (to write a paper on a globular cluster, to design a bread-board model of the next detector, to develop new data transfer system for satellites, and so on, it is nice to have a lot of businesses)?



I also visited Komaba campus of UT and had a lunch at the dining. I found that they started selling multiple kind of ice creams by measure as well as salad.





  1. お元気ですか? トルコいいねえ~…。海外で今行きたい場所のベスト3に入るよ。

  2. お久しぶりです。論文が終わらなかったらボスからラボ閉じ込めの刑をくらって、行けなくなっちゃうかもしれないので、7月もがんばります。

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