Tokyo Metropolitan University@Minami Osawa 2008-07-24

As a support stuff for an initial setup of SpaceWire development system, I visited Minami Osawa campus of Tokyo Metropolitan University. The picture is a stylish building of its library.

The campus adjoins the Keio’s Minami Osawa station. According to a professor who I worked together, large departments and amusement facilities around the station have been developed in the recent five to ten years. I think that the town well represents the atmosphere of a city along the Keio Line like a town depicted in Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart.

Since I started my college life in a town also along the Keio, the railway is the dearest among many services in Tokyo. I was planning to take a walk around Minami Osawa after the setup work, however it lasted till ten o’clock in the evening, and my colleague and I just came back home taking a local service. (The train from Minami Osawa to Chofu took much longer than a limited express from Chofu to Shinjuku. The Keio’s limited express is valuable for paying an extra fee although it needs not. That’s one of many reasons why I love it.)




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